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Some people say death is nothing to fear. A natural continuation of the cycle of life. To be born, live, and then die but through death nourish future life. 'It's like going to sleep.' they say, encouraging those in the prime of their life to plunge boldly onward into life fearlessly. When people sleep, they dream. What do the dead do while sleeping?

Find the answer to this question, examine your own mortality, and much more in Afterlife Academy from Eldritch Ingenuity. Take control of a plucky young protagonist, Zorul, as they begin formal training to become a grim reaper. Reapers provide an essential service to our world, shepherding the souls of the dead from the here and now and ensuring they are lain to rest in the afterlife - and in so doing power the world of the afterlife.

Solve puzzles, pet cats, and experience a new twist on the traditional turn based battle system with 'Reaping scenarios' - all while still doing your best to make it to class on time! (Despite Zorul's concerted efforts to the contrary...) As you successfully navigate a maze of bullies, bibliophiles, and other business haunting this phantasmal school you may soon discover that you can never judge a book by its cover (even if it is the Necronomicon), and that there's more to Afterlife Academy than first meets the eye...

The current build is a demo, containing day one and expected to take about 15-30 minutes to complete. The full game for chapter one, once released, is currently planned to contain three days of content.

Full credits are in the game itself. The Eldritch Ingenuity team members who worked on this project are:

BloodKraken - Project leader and programmer

Syndroversion - Musician

Darts - Writer

The game soundtrack is available on Bandcamp here: 



AA1 0.1.9 Demo.zip 477 MB
AA1 0.1.9 OSX Demo.zip 381 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the package and double-click on "Game".

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